Our Local Offer and Annual SEN Report (Click text to link)

English language support (EAL)

Our SEN team and other teachers will arrange for specialist language support for students where appropriate. Our teachers also work with colleagues across the curriculum to support the language development of all our students. Parents of children whose first language may not be English are encouraged to meet with us to discuss what support we can put in place. 

Special educational needs (SEN)

Our learning support staff provide specialist help for students with additional needs such as specific learning difficulties and emotional or behavioural difficulties. When a student is identified as needing extra help, we involve parents/carers and regularly review support plans. Our inclusion faculty has strong links with outside agencies that can offer specialist support and advice. A copy of our Special Education Needs Policy is available on the policies section of our website.

Disability Guidance

Sir Thomas Fremantle School is an inclusive school providing equality of opportunity for all students . We are committed to removing barriers to learning and making any reasonable adjustments so that all students, including those with disabilities, can fully participate in the excellent education, enrichment opportiunities, school trips, facilities, benefits and services which the school offers. Both of our minibuses are equiped with wheelchair facilities. 

Where parents have concerns regarding meeting the specific needs of children with disabilities, they are encouraged to meet with us at the earliest opportunity.

After-school study support

We hold after-school sessions, supervised by teaching staff, for students who require additional help with their studies. These are run throughout the enrichment session daily, Monday to Friday. We also offer 1-1 tuition and / or study support where appropriate. Revision and catch up sessions will also be available during school holidays and prior to key examinations.

Gifted and talented

An able, gifted or talented student is one who demonstrates a significantly higher level of ability than most students of the same age. We offer a range of extension opportunities for students identified as gifted, talented or both. These provisions may include:

  • Personalised learning within timetabled lessons
  • An opportunity to be entered for eaxminations outside of the normal timescales
  • Residential opportunities and focused visit
  • Events and activities at universities to challenge our students and make use of specialist facilities
  • Personal, business and academic mentors to raise students’ aspirations
  • Work-shadowing at local organisations


3 Year DDA Plan

Equal Opportunities Policy

Intimate Care Policy

SEN(D) Policy