Parents' consultation evenings, other key dates and reports due (2017-18)

​For CURRENT Students

12th Oct

Meet the tutor evening Year 12 and Year 7

18th Jan

Year 11 Parents' Evening 

6th Feb

6th Form Parents' Evening

8th Mar

Year 10 Parents' Evening

19th April

Year 9 Parents' Evening

1st May

Year 8 Parents' Evening

12th July

Year 7 Parents' Evening



Year 9 Reports


Year 7 Reports


Year 11 Reports


Year 12 Reports


Year 8 and 10 Reports


27th Sept

Year 11 Parents' Evening - The Year Ahead

4th Oct

Prospective Year 7s Open Evening

4th-5th Oct

Open Days

31st Jan

Post-16 Open Evening for prospective students

27th March

Year 9 Option Evening


28th Nov - 8th Dec

Year 11 Mocks Period

8th - 12th Jan

Year 12 In Class Mock Exams

18th - 27th June

Year 10 and 12 Mock Exams






Parents' consultation evenings are an important way of aiding student progress and understanding their overall attainment. It is an opportunity to ask about your son/daughter’s performance in relation to their potential; their strengths and achievements and their areas to develop. Attendance at Parents Consultation Evenings exceeded 90% in 2016. 

Most teachers teach more than one group and in some cases they may teach most students in a year group. With this in mind we allocate 5 minutes to each appointment for each subject. If it appears that you require a further and perhaps deeper conversation then you are encouraged to arrange an additional appointment. 

Your son/daughter will be given an appointment sheet and they will be responsible for arranging the appointment times with their teachers. 

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