Pastoral & Academic Support

All students are allocated to a form groups on arrival at school. In September 2017, there will be 15 form groups. We operate a 'vertical tutoring' system which means that each form or tutor group comprises of students from Year 7 to 10. This allows an amount of positive ongoing peer support and ensures that each form tutor is able to develop their experience and skills across the full age range of students. Year 11, 12 and 13 students are in mixed tutor groups as well.

The form tutor is the primary contact for parents for any pastoral or general school issues. Specifc subject related issues can be taken to individual teaching staff or subject leads and more serious issues can be brought to the SENCO, Deputy Headmaster, Business Manager and Headmaster who make up the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). 

Setting / Streaming

Students complete a baseline test in English, science and mathematics on arrival at the school but are taught in mixed ability groups throughout Year 7. Students are assessed across all subject areas half termly. In Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9), the content across all subject areas is largely the same with differences being in differentiated delivery and expectations.  

In year 8 and 9, there is additional flexibility meaning that students can be in one set for English and a lower (or higher) one for maths and/or science. In Year 10 and 11, core subjects are set whilst option subjects may not be. 

Schemes of work to be covered are generally available via the specific subject pages on the website. Some subject areas, notably modern foreign languages and art, have their own websites which can be accessed via our pages.  

For more specific information on assessment and reporting, click here.