Pupil Premium Information

The school has used Pupil Premium Funding in the following ways to support student progress:


  • Additional 1 to 1 tutoring and support

  • Additional mentoring for students

  • Recruitment of experienced core subject staff 

  • Providing professional counselling sessions to students

  • Allowing the school to create smaller class sizes 

  • Covering the costs of peripatetic music lessons

  • Covering costs of sports fixture travel  

  • Covering costs of revision materials and study guides

  • Supporting / covering the costs of school trips & visits including residential experiences

  • Providing / subsidising school to home transport

  • Subsidinsing the costs of extra-curricular clubs such as gymnastics and tennis where external coaches are contracted

  • Subsidising costs of Combined Cadet Force membership and cadet weekends / annual camp 


Of the 19 students who sat GCSE Single Science in June 2016, three were in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. Of these, two reached target with the other one missing target by 1 grade. 67% of PP students met target compared with 67% of all students.