Sixth Form At STFS


Prospective Sixth Form Student Survey

Dear prospective student, 
Thank you very much for your interest in the Sixth Form at Sir Thomas Fremantle. 
Once you’ve had a careful look through our subject offer, you may want to indicate the subjects that interest you, and to tell us a little about the choices you’re planning on making. 
Each year, we produce a timetable for Sixth Form that places subjects in specific ‘blocks’. We try to base these blocks on the subjects that students have indicated that they want to study. If you would like to let us know subjects that interest you (including subjects we don’t yet offer), we will do our best to make available blocks that allow as many people as possible to study the subjects that most interest them. 
If you would like your choices to inform this process, please do complete the survey linked below. 
Thank you for your time!
Matt Pike 
Head of Sixth Form