The three elements of our curriculum - Core, Enrichment and Community 

1 - The Core Curriculum

This will be based around (but by no means limited to) the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and then extends to a traditional core package of GCSEs (sometimes known as EBacc) and other requirements (for example PSHCE) plus a number of additional GCSE or equivalent options.

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum 

The number of lessons in each subject are shown below for Years 7, 8 and 9. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes.

English x 5, Mathematics x 5, Science x 4, Modern Foreign Languages x 3, History x 2, Geography x 2, Ethics & Philosophy x 1, Art x 2, IT x 1, Music x 1, PE & Games x 3 (plus 1 compulsory enrichment session), PSHCE x 1 - Total = 30 sessions.   


The Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) It is expected that most students will study GCSE mathematics, English, science, history or geography and a foreign language. Science is offered a both double award and as separate physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. Students will study either double award or triple award with teachers giving guidance on the appropriate pathway. 

Additionally, students can currently choose two additional GCSEs from: Geography, History, RS, Music, Spanish, German, French, 3D Design and Manufacture, PE and Health & Social Care (BTEC).  Maths and English are studied 4 times a week, science 6 times and option subjects 3 lessons per week.

Our aim is to encourage our teachers to think very creatively about how subjects are delivered. There will be opportunities to pursue core curriculum study in and out of the classroom. In Mathematics for instance, students will visit Bletchley Park and discover how the work of mathematicians impacted on both the outcome of World War II and the emergence of modern computers. In Geography and History, residential trips will bring learning to life. In Science and Technology lessons, opportunities will be available to visit University departments.

At post 16 we offer a wide range of A' level and BTEC qualifications as appropriate to our students.

2 - The Enrichment Curriculum

A key part of our school day is our daily enrichment session. This session, the last of every day, will give students the opportunity to pursue a wide range of interests, for example; dance, music, drama, a wide variety of sport, crafts, local history, chess club etc. Each week, students will use a minimum of 1 session to complete homework in school. Currently, all students do homework enrichment on Tuesday, sport on Wednesday, music and performance on Thursday and choose their own activity on Monday and Friday.  

3 - The Community Curriculum

A key part of our curriculum will be our students’ contribution to the local community. This will be achieved through a service to the community or an understanding of the community and how individuals affect and are affected by the community. It will take place in school or in partnership with local groups and organisations. For example, assisting in the school library, helping with a local conservation project, supporting local voluntary groups, organising fund raising events and working with local primary schools. Follow link to our 'proud to support' page.