Our aim is to ensure that all of our students achieve the very best in all that they do at STFS. Specifically this will be measured by looking at;

  • Overall attainment 
  • Progress from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4

Progress from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 (GCSEs)

Early into their time at STFS, students will be given targets both for outcomes at the end of KS4 (GCSEs). With the GCSE grades currently under review, current targets are based on the current system. To set targets, we use data provided by Fischer Family Trustas well as prior attainment at KS2 (SATs).

Whilst KS3 levels have been abolished Nationally, we continue to use them across core subjects although there is a growing emphasis on reporting on skills rather than levels. Our migration to assessment without levels is being led by Neale Pledger; Deputy Headmaster, who will commuicate this with parents. 

It is recognised that students progress at different rates across their time at secondary school.   

Parents' Consultation Evenings will take place annually. Parents of Year 7 students will have the chance to meet form tutors in October to discuss 'settling in' and the SEN team arrange additional drop-in opportunities throughout the year. Dates of Consultation Evenings will be agreed by staff and governors in the summer term and published on the website.  

Assessment and Marking Policy


All students will receive one detailed written report each year. Whilst we assess students half-termly, we do not routinely report these levels to parents. Experience has shown that reporting of raw data in this way is often misleading and takes no account of the fluctuation of outcomes that occurs across the year, often related to the topics covered. We will always contact families if we have concerns over a student's progress and will always respond to concerns raised by parents/carers.

All subjects give detailed feedback in student books at least twice per half term. This feedback is easily located as it is written onto a yellow sheet which is stuck into their books. This feedback will also involve each student responding to comments and gives an opportunity for parents/carers to respond. This gives a very thorough and regular opportunity for parents to review and respond to teacher comments.