Art, Craft & Design

Miss Helen Cole and Mr Tim Lloyd

Our Art department have their own website. There are examples of student work here.

Students can also find their Art & CDT Homework on the website:

Students study Art and Design twice a week and the department aims to deliver projects that incorporate traditional skills with contemporary influences. Students experience a wide range of 2D and 3D skills, using a wide variety of media, such as printmaking, textiles, painting, drawing, photography and animation. Students explore different artists, designers and makers from periods in history and contemporary settings. They are asked to compare, discuss and use as inspiration.

Enrichment projects explore skills or themes not necessarily tackled within the teaching timetable in order to offer a broad selection of opportunities. These have included recycled fashion for the Christmas Talent Show, Grand Designs for the outside quad area and crafts for both the Christmas and summer craft fair.

Within 3D students explore state of the art ideas as well as re-thinking existing designs and situations but from a 3D point of view. In year 7 they will work towards a Level One in 3D Printing. Year 8 students work towards Level One Laser cutting, whilst year 9 students gain Level One in Laser cutting with Electronics. This subject is taught once a week with an Enrichment session on Thursdays. Some students have experienced external visits to London to assist BCA with their work.

This department is one of the few in the country to be gaining qualifications in 3D Design and Manufacture within DT and IT. We are a pilot school for this exciting new qualification.

The 3D subject area has gone from strength to strength with some pupils becoming ambassadors for the technology. Students are able to develop depending on whether they are interested in coding or design. This is a new subject for all pupils and they are excelling in the practical skills and use CAD proficiently.

Our curriculum is diverse, inventive, contemporary, explorative and experimental. It is delivered by staff who are passionate about their teaching and the learning of others. The aim is to inspire and motivate students to become artists and designers in their own right, who can investigate, reflect and refine their work to develop personal responses.

The department nurtures young people who can not only complete curriculum tasks to achieve grades they deserve, but to also be part of the foundations for free-thinking, creative, ambitious, hard-working, socially aware and caring individuals.