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Here at Sir Thomas Fremantle the Mathematics team provides creative and engaging activities for students to become functionally numerate. We are fortunate to see our students for Mathematics lessons each day. This not only enables more opportunities for students to develop their confidence and mathematical skills, but this additional time allows for students to explore problem solving and logical approaches in more depth.

Our schemes of work are based on the National Curriculum to ensure the students are able to acquire the skills in preparation for external exams at GCSE and focus on the four strands Algebra; Number; Geometry and Measures and Statistics. We also strive to ensure that students see that these four strands are closely linked to see the ‘bigger picture’ and relate it to real world contexts. To promote this further, each week students are given the opportunity to enter the Maths Challenge of the Week, which encourages healthy competition between our three houses, Hussar, Spitfire and Neptune.  

As a department we take full advantage of the iPads, one example is the investment in the Mathletics software. This allows students to practise and consolidate their learning in and out of the classroom in an interactive way. Questions are marked instantly and progress is sent automatically to their teachers to inform future learning.

In the future we hope to take pride and success in our students actively participating in national and local maths competitions including the UKMT Junior Maths Challenges, which next takes place in May. 

Skills covered at KS3  (From National Curriculum for KS3)

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Students can use Mathletics from computer or their IPad. Tasks can be set by staff or accessed directly.  
Students use the Collins online site to access course text books, practise assignments and some homework.
Key Stage 3 Revision