Mr N O'Connell - Subject Lead

Mrs R Rizzieri - Physics Specialist

Miss E De Aguiar

Mr A Smith

Mrs A Rosier

Mr J Woodward

The Aims of Science at Sir Thomas Fremantle School

Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding

We follow the national curriculum for science to ensure that all pupils have the best preparation for GCSE courses.  This will give students a strong foundation within the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics which will give our pupils a firm foundation to study each discipline as a separate GCSE subject.

Nature, processes and methods of science

We call this element of the curriculum, “Working Scientifically,” this involves developing skills in the processes of science, including the design of experiments; reasoning and arguing with scientific evidence; and analysing and interpreting data.

This is done through the practical work in the science lessons, which also enliven the lessons and develop our pupils’ natural curiosity about the world around them.

Uses and implications

We aim to equip pupils with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future. To help pupils develop reasoned opinions about issues that affect us all from Medical research to Global warming.

Units of work studied at Key Stage Three




Cells, tissues and organs.


Body Systems.



Sorting and Identifying.


Reversible and irreversible change.

Particles in Action.

Elements and Compounds.

Our planet (Geology).


Chemical Reactions.

Electricity and Magnetism.

Forces and Energy.

Light from Space.

Heat and Sound.

Energy and Electricity.

Forces and Motion.