GCSE & Equivalent Preferences

Our approach to GCSE and equivalent subjects means that we expect the vast majority of students to follow a common core of subjects.

This will include maths, English, sciences, History and/or Geography, a modern foreign language. In addition, all students will follow a Philosophy and Ethics course (which may lead to a formal GCSE) and of course Physical Education & Games. In addition, students will have at least two additional choices to make from what we believe will be an extensive selection.  

At STFS GCSE courses run across years 10 and 11. Current Year 9 students are at the very start of this process. 

The full process will involve:

  1. A careers focus day looking at skills and qualifications needed for 21st Century employment
  2. A Year 9 Assembly explaining the process
  3. Discussions between students and parents
  4. Completion of a draft Preference forms (To allow school to look at staffing needs)
  5. Discussion between senior staff and governors to finalise the curriculum offer 
  6. Taster lessons for all compulsory and non-compulsory courses
  7. Year 9 Parents' Consultation Evening
  8. Year 9 Preference (Options) Evening