As our school day includes additional teaching time equating to 2.5 hours per week, the amount of homework set may not be as great as in some schools. Students will be given homework across all subjects but it will be set as required. Students will normally be given a week to complete homework. Homework tasks may extend tasks completed in class, allow opportunity to revise or practice skills learned and may involve preparation for future lessons. As students move through the school, it is likely that the quantity of homework will increase.   

All students have a weekly timetabled enrichment session to complete supported homework. This takes place in tutor groups. Where students fall behind, we may allocate additional enrichment sessions to homework. Homework timetables for each year group are set out on the pdf fil below. These are a guide, used to ensure that excessive homework is not set on one night, rather than a definitive statement as to what and when homework will be set.    

Homework is generally recorded in the students' homework book.Staff will of course be happy to respond directly to any concerns you may have over  your child's homework. 

Where students fail to complete homework, they may be required to complete it during break/lunch or during an enrichment session.