School Transport

Free School Transport is provided by Bucks CC. The School contracts most paid transport directly.  

All students will be issued with bus passes (provided either by the county or ourselves, depending on who organises the bus). Students who arrive without their pass will not be permitted to travel. Emergency bus passes may be issued by the front office as long as they are asked in sufficient time.

All buses now leave promptly at 4:30pm.

The cost of school mini-bus travel is set at £660 per year, in line with all county paid school transport. This is in no way profit making and indeed reflects a significant subsidy by the school. Fares should be paid via ParentPay. In the future, we hope to have the facility to pay online.  We regret that where fares fall into arrears, we may need to remove the bus travel facility. 

Students travelling by school bus will be required to sign an agreement with regard to acceptable behaviour which we know parents will support.

Any students whose behaviour falls short of these expectations will be given one verbal and then one written warning. Any further incident will result in a temporary ban. Any serious incident of bullying, smoking or refusal to wear a seat belt will result in an immediate ban.

If you are bringing your children into school yourself, can I remind you that you should not drive into school as this causes local residents some issues with access. We would ask that you drop your children off in the car park off Elmfields Gate (just off the high street) and let them walk into school. There is a safe crossing point across the main road.  We are keen to work with local residents and would be grateful for your support in ensuring that their access is not disrupted.

Breakfast is available at school between 07:30am and 08:30am. A variety of options are available including drinks, toast or cereal.