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A-Level Politics


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Exam Board: Edexcel

Entry requirements: Grade 6 or above in Geography, History or English Literature

Why study Politics? To be aware of Politics is unavoidable in our modern world. The study of politics broadens this awareness into a new depth of understanding. The word democracy comes from the words demos and kratia, meaning ‘people power’. Discover why we cannot leave politics to the politicians and how our role in democracy should work and the power we have as citizens. If you’ve ever wondered how Trump was elected, why Brexit is so significant or even the role of politics in global crisis and modern day terrorism then Politics could well be the subject for you.

What does the course involve?

Where will Politics lead me post Sixth Form?

Politics is highly regarded by universities especially if you are looking to pursue academia in Economics, Philosophy, Law, History or Social Sciences. Politics is also recommended as a subject for those looking to study PPE at Oxford or Cambridge University.

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