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Behaviour Management

At STFS we advocate a forgiving and restorative approach to behaviour management.

To maximise learning opportunities for all students at STFS, we have a clear and formal process to follow in the event that a student’s behaviour falls below the high standard expected. All members of the STFS community are accountable for their behaviour and will follow the consequence system.

For the vast majority of incidents a warning will be given in the first instance. If the warning is heeded then nothing is recorded on Classcharts. If the warning is not effective then students will be issued with a C1 which is logged as a negative point on ClassCharts.

If the student’s behaviour fails to improve they are issued with a ‘C2’, providing them with a short break from the classroom, where they will complete a form designed to help them reflect on their behaviour, and its impact on their classmates. The student will then return to class following a restorative conversation with the teacher. They will be required to serve a 10 minute breaktime detention.

If, despite that restorative conversation, the student’s behaviour fails to improve, the ‘C2’ is escalated to a ‘C3’ and the student instructed to report to The Hub, where a senior member of staff is on duty. At this point the student’s parents/carers will be contacted and a 15 minute lunchtime detention or 30 minute after school detention will be issued.

In some circumstances, behaviour will be serious enough to merit an immediate C2 or higher. For example, a 'C4' will be issued if students fail to follow the process, if they show discriminatory behaviour towards others, or have been violent or threatened violence. Students will be removed from the classroom and issued with an after school detention, isolated or excluded from school.

Within the table below you will find a list of behaviours which may merit swift escalation - this list is a guide and not exhaustive.

If you have any questions regarding behaviour management, please contact your child's Form Tutor who will be able to answer your query, or redirect to the appropriate member of staff.