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Exam Board: Edexcel

Why study Business?

Sooner or later, everyone works for a business - even a career in the public sector involves departments that engage in budgeting and marketing. More people than ever before are setting up their own businesses. Business is a subject with true ‘outside world’ application but doesn’t tie you down to a particular path in life.

What does the course involve?

The course is organised into two themes:-

Theme 1: Investigating Small Business

This is the area of the course that looks at enterprise and entrepreneurship, spotting a business opportunity, putting a business idea into practice, making the business effective and understanding external influences on business. 

Theme 2: Building a Business

Once a business has been established, an entrepreneur would then need to consider growing the business, making marketing decisions, making product decisions, making financial decisions and making human resource decisions.

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career?

One of the greatest criticisms businesses have of young people is that potential employees have little ‘commercial awareness’, which is in essence, an understanding and appreciation of the commercial world. This GCSE has the potential to make a student more employable as well as increasing the student’s own knowledge of consumer rights, employment issues and how businesses try to sell to young consumers.

How will I be assessed?

Each theme is assessed with a 1 ½ hour paper. The two exams consist of calculations, multiple–choice questions, short answers and extended writing questions. 

Who do I need to contact?

For more information, please email Mr Kingsley -