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Dance (AQA)

Why study Dance?
Dance is a powerful and expressive subject which encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity, whatever their previous experience in the subject. GCSE Dance allows students to explore this in more detail.

What does the course involve?
The course is divided into three sections:

Students will learn how to choreograph using different stimuli, themes and music. They will have the chance to teach others their choreography. In their dance piece they need to use a variety of action, dynamics, space and relationships and then show motif work, choreographic processes and a good form of structure.

Students will learn set phases and have the chance to perform as either a solo or duet. Students will improve their posture, coordination, flexibility, balance, control, extension and isolation to name a few. The most important skills here are their expressive techniques: focus, projection, phasing, musicality, facial expressions.

Dance Appreciation
Students will gain knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills. They will learn how to critically appreciate their own work. Students will have the chance to analyse and evaluate professional works. The course includes looking at staging, costume, music, camera angles and lighting.

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career?
Undertaking GCSE Dance students will acquire physical, technical, expressive and mental skills. Students will gain transferable skills of creating, performing and being able to express through dance.

How will I be assessed?
30%  = Performance of set phases (around 2mins) 30% = performance of choreography either in a solo or group (3-5mins) 40% = Dance Appreciation Exam (1hr 30mins) 

Who do I need to contact?
For more information, please email Miss Willison -