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Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics (AQA)

Why study Further Mathematics?
Level 2 Further Mathematics is a course for high achievers in mathematics. It places an emphasis on higher order proficiency, rigorous argument and problem-solving skills. It is a good preparation for those students intending on progressing to mathematics at A-level. It should be stressed that this is not an 'option subject'. It is an additional qualification separate to the option subjects outlined below.

What does the course involve?
It gives higher achieving students an introduction to AS level topics that will help them to develop skills in:

The course will be integrated into the current maths course as extension work and, where needed, further work, practice and opportunity will be given during enrichment time. 

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career?
If you enjoy mathematics and are considering taking mathematics to A level this course is great to deepen your understanding. It also will help complement physics and computer science subjects, as well as assist in careers in engineering, sciences and business.

How will I be assessed?
Students will be assessed at the end of Year 11, with 2 papers. Grades are awarded. 

Who do I need to contact?
For more information, please email Mrs Shaw –