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Exam Board: AQA

Why study GCSE Mathematics?
GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory subject at GCSE here at STFS as it is a National requirement for all students. Getting a good or standard pass at GCSE Mathematics enables the students to further their studies in any subject post-16 whether it be A-levels, college or apprenticeship courses

What does the course involve?
The course is divided into five sections and continues to build on the skills learnt at GCSE. Depending on content, students will either be studying foundation or higher mathematics. This decision is made by the department, based on success at KS3. 
Ratio, proportion, and rates of change.
Geometry and measures
Probability and statistics

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career?
GCSE Mathematics enables students to develop problem solving skills, through reasoning and justification. Mathematics is essential in a variety of careers, most notably branches in science, technology and engineering.

How will I be assessed?
There will be three exams at the end of Year 11, one non-calculator paper and two calculator papers. These are all equally weighted, worth 80 marks each and 1.5 hours long. The structure of each paper also includes multiple choice questions which equate to 10% of the overall grade. 

The two tiers are graded as follows -  
Foundation: Grades 1 - 5                Higher: Grades 4 - 9

Who do I need to contact?
For more information, please email Mrs Shaw –