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Physical Education


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Exam Board: OCR

Why study Physical Education (PE)?
GCSE PE offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of sport from a theoretical perspective and improve their own practical ability. The course involves a mixture of focused practical sessions and interesting theoretical content that is applicable to students’ own experiences within sport.

What does the course involve?
The course is divided into three sections.

Physical factors affecting performance. 
In this section students will study topics such as the skeletal, muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. As well as learning about movement analysis and types of training.

Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology.
In this section of the course students will consider the factors that affect participation, the commercialisation of sport and the psychology of sport.

Practical performance.
Students must choose three different sports to be assessed in, at least one of which must be a team sport and at least one an individual sport. Students are assessed on their range of skills, quality of skills, physical attributes and decision making in a competitive situation.

Students will also complete a 14 hour piece of coursework, in which they will analyse the performance of an athlete and design an action plan to improve one aspect of their performance.

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career?
The GCSE Physical Education course includes content from the areas of biology, physics, maths, nutrition, psychology and sociology. A wide range of content is covered within a sporting context, providing students with both skills and knowledge that could prove valuable regardless of which path the choose afterwards. GCSE PE is particularly valuable if you are considering a career in the sport, fitness or nutrition industries or if you are planning to study PE, biology or psychology in further education. 

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1: Physical factors affecting performance (1 hour exam) - 30%

Paper 2:  Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology (1 hour exam) - 30%

Practical performance (Internally assessed and externally moderated) - 40%

  • Team sport - 10%
  • Individual sport - 10%
  • Team or individual sport - 10%
  • Evaluation and analysis of performance (14 hour written coursework) - 10%

Who do I need to contact?
For more information, please email Miss Willison -