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Exam Board: OCR Cambridge National

Why study Sport Studies?

Cambridge National Sport Studies is a vocational qualification. PE offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of sport from a theoretical perspective and improve their own practical ability. The course involves a mixture of focused practical sessions and interesting theoretical content that is applicable to students’ own experiences within sport.

What does the course involve?

The course is divided into four units:

RO51: Contemporary Issues in Sport:

This unit sets the context of sport within the wider environment and how it reflects society and its values. Students will explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, as well as the promotion of values and ethical behaviour through sport. Students will also learn about the role of high-profile sporting events and national governing bodies in advancing sports’ attempts to positively impact upon society and showcase their worth beyond providing entertainment. 1 hr Written Paper


RO52: Developing Sporting Skills

Students will develop their skills, techniques and use of tactics/strategies/compositional ideas in both an individual and a team sporting activity. Students will also improve their understanding of the rules to allow them to act in a number of officiating roles within an activity. As well developing sporting skills, students will also develop their transferable skills such as communication, performing under pressure, using initiative to solve problems and making decisions by considering rapidly changing conditions around them. Centre assessed coursework

RO53: Sports Leadership

Whether voluntary or professional, the role of the sport leader is imperative in any sport. Adopting the role of coach, manager, teacher or team captain, sport leaders can shape the development of sport by influencing and inspiring those around them to participate and perform in sporting activities. In this unit, students learn more about different leadership roles and styles. They will then go onto to plan and deliver effective and safe sessions and evaluate their own performance. Centre Assessed coursework

RO54: Sport and the Media

Sport uses the range of media to promote itself and in turn the media uses sport to expand and maintain uptake of its products. In this unit learners look at the differences in sports coverage across a range of media outlets; the impacts the media has on sport and how this has changed over the years. They will also learn about the effect on public interest and media involvement in sport. Students will develop skills relevant in a range of careers and roles within the sports industry, such as sports reporting/broadcasting, sports analysis or research and public relations or media work within a sports organisation. Centre Assessed Coursework

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career?

This vocational course includes a wide range of content for a job in the sports industry. If you are interested in working in sport either as a performer, sports journalist, PE teacher, sports coach, sports analyst, sports development, sports marketing, there are so many opportunities this course would help with. Students will also develop transferable skills, in particular communication and aspects of team working.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed through a mix of internally assessed assignments (worth 75% of the final grade) and an externally assessed written examination (worth 25% of the final grade). The grades that can be awarded are:

Level 2 Distinction* (equivalent to an A* or approximately an 8 in GCSE grades)

Level 2 Distinction (equivalent to an A or a 7 in GCSE grades)

Level 2 Merit (equivalent to a B or approximately a 6 in GCSE grades)

Level 2 Pass (equivalent to a C or a 4 in GCSE grades)

Level 1 Pass/Merit/Distinction (equivalent to a F/E/D or approximately 1/2/3 in GCSE grades)

Who do I need to contact?

For more information, please email Miss Willison -