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Y10 - Learning from Home

The following work is designed for students to complete over the next two weeks. Please check back here for further work if the school has not re-opened after the Easter break.

Some work will require students to use GCSEPod, a video revision tool that the school has subscribed to. Most Y10 students have created an account at school. However, for students that have not, they need to go to and click login. From here, they should click on the pink button that says ‘new here’ and login using their school email address, date of birth and school name. If students have any issues, please email for assistance. 

English: Students to practice Language exam skills (both Paper 1 and Paper 2) using the online PDF booklets available ( Work can be completed on lined paper or on a computer using a program such as Word or Google Docs.  You can email completed work (or a photo of your work) to your teacher for feedback.

To contact your teachers please email: (Mrs Bass)

Maths: Students to complete tasks assigned to them by their class teacher on This platform also provides video links and tutorials to help explain questions and support their learning, as well as instantly marking. Students are able to attempt questions more than once if they need to.Staff will be able to see the progress on tasks and respond online to individual students. Any issues please email their teacher.
Use our maths website for more links to GCSE practise on Corbett Maths.

Science: Please find work below:
Biology B1 complete complete all tasks up to but not including Photosynthesis.

Mr Matthews’ classes:
Please see the relevant class folders that will be set up on Google Drive (

Chemistry (Mr Smith) - Focus on Paper 1 revision 
All resources are uploaded into files on my Google Drive

Physic (Dr R) - Complete radioactivity unit and revise for paper 1 (Energy, electricity, molecules & matter and radioactivity) 
Use this website for notes and questions:
All resources are uploaded into files on my Google Drive

History: Please see the information below.
Mr Simpson’s class: In our last lesson we started the Treaty of Versailles in our new unit on the Interwar Years. I will shortly be adding a lengthy task up here for your enjoyment. However, to begin with, please use GCSEPod to get an overview of the aims of the Big 3 before the Treaty was signed (see at the top of the page for instructions to create an account and navigate to History). A further update will be posted shortly!

Miss Owens’ class: Students need to ensure all their notes are complete on the Norman topic finishing with the Time Travellers’ guide. They have been preparing for a knowledge quiz resit inclusive of new questions of Domesday and Social Change. Students should look to use the Germany and Norman revision guide and GCSEPod to revise for this assessment. Should students complete this work, the class could complete their study booklets on The White Tower of London. 

Mr Day’s class: Students need to complete the Norman course by creating an annotated village showing the continuity and change from Anglo-Saxon times. As well as the topics covered so far, use the revision guides (below) to add village and town life and churches. Then revise in preparation for our upcoming assessment which will have two questions from the Normans topic and two from the Germany topic. To complete this revision, students should use the Germany revision guide ( and the Normans revision guides (also available from here - part 1, part 2 and part 3). Students can also use GCSEPod. We will complete the assessment upon our return.

Geography: You will be completing a booklet on climate change that discusses the causes, impacts and management approaches.

Step 1 – Print off a copy of the climate change booklet.
Step 2 – Work through the booklet using the supporting information

Your work should be completed by hand (unless you use a laptop for assessments – in which case please word process your work). There are resources also attached to the Padlet ( to act as a starting point for your booklet. This should not be the only research that is carried out.

Please bring your completed booklet into school upon return. If you are struggling please consult the Paper 1 revision website and find the climate change summary PPT in the Natural Hazards sections.

Religious Studies: Use the resources on Google Classroom Google Classroom  (access code is cywqu4a) to revise Christain Beliefs, Christian Practices, and Sikh Beliefs. In all cases complete your PLCs first so you are clear about what you need to focus on. Complete the revision booklets in the revision/independent learning section of the Google Classroom. You have the resources you need in your exercise book, but the Revision Folder has Knowledge Organisers - with basic information - and then each folder on the Classroom has PowerPoints for each of the lessons and topics. You also have a link to GCSEPod - My subject area has 52 videos linked to each of the topic areas we have to study. Aim to complete all of the practice questions. 

French: Start by completing the work-from-home booklet that Miss Hughes has posted on Padlet ( Please email Miss Hughes if you either cannot find this, would like your answers marked or are in need of more work at

PROJECT- imagine you are opening a flashy new restaurant in Paris! Create a menu for the restaurant (in French bien sur)  

Please complete approximately two/three hours a week of independent revision using the following resources/ideas:
Making revision mindmaps of all topics covered since the last test  
Make flashcards of all vocabulary covered since the last test
Use and search “la nourriture” and “les vetements” to revise these topics
Use bbc GCSE bitesize French (use daily to improve your French!) (use daily to improve your French!)
Read articles on daily to practise listening
Use this time as an opportunity to watch French films like “He even has your eyes” on Netflix.

Spanish: ‘Mi insti’
You have been asked to create a brochure about your school in Spanish to be shared with a partner school in Spain.  The brochure can be done as a word document, PowerPoint presentation or on paper.  You need to use illustrations and different backgrounds to make your brochure as appealing as possible.  You must include;
One page on the subjects you study, your opinions and why
One page on your teachers
One page on the facilities we have/don’t have in the school
One page on school rules and your opinions
One page on the school uniform and your opinion.

For additional work and any questions, please email;

For vocabulary, use;

Further websites that can be used for vocab revision/further study;

Art: Figure in Action 
1. Find and research one of the following artists that look at the human form in action (movement)
A.      Alexa Meade
B.      Alyssa Monks
C.      Edgar Degas

Use your Analysis help sheet to construct your research: Technique, Colour, Lines, Composition/layout, Scale, Subject matter and your opinion! Make sure you include examples of their work too.
2. Make a copy of your chosen artists work
3. Take a photograph: referring to the style/composition of your chosen artist
4. Using paint work in the style of your chosen artist looking at figures in action
If you need any further support or would like to discuss your images and the task please do email. I will keep in touch too so check your emails! 

1) use this quiz page and this website to build up basic music theory knowledge. Also use websites is an excellent website where you can access music theory and play games to develop listening skills. Username: Music20 , password: MusicStfs. Full access to all games are being granted soon.

Anyone who has not performed their solo assessment piece; please record and send to me via email;

Continue to practise your part for the ensemble which will be recorded as soon as we are back.  In addition, continue to practise your instrument.  You should be devoting at least 30 minutes to practice on your instrument/voice each day! 

2) Listen to the set piece by Haydn here:

Then watch video and read info here:
Create your own revision guide of the piece or if you prefer, fill in the gaps on the sheets we use in class for this set work. Do the test included in the website at the end.

Music theory revision here:


Complete tests at the end.

GCSE PE: Students can access lessons on and make notes for all remaining lessons on paper 2. Students should answer exam questions within those lessons and complete revision flash cards on all content. Students can also use and choose the links for GCSE PE and the exam board OCR.

If students complete the above or need help, please contact 

Health and Social Care: To research definitions for task 3. One this has done along with references begin to plan and research your assignment for Task 3. 

Task 3: What personal qualities and behaviours contribute to effective care in health, social care and early years’ settings?                                                                                                                      
This task covers all of Learning Outcome 2: Understand the personal qualities that contribute to effective care and part of Learning Outcome 3: Be able to communicate effectively within a health, social care and early years setting
Your guide needs to include information about the personal qualities that will help a care worker to talk to and to get along with the people who use services and to act in a way that means the person using the service feels valued.
In this section of your guide you must:
• describe the personal qualities that will contribute to effective care
• a plan for an interaction in a health, social care or early years setting. describe how personal qualities contribute to effective care
• give examples of types of behaviour that fail to value service users.
Please contact Miss Rath if you have any questions/queries

Everything on the business section of the KS4 homework padlet is the contingency work -

Booklets for topics 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 have been distributed to the students present on 17/3/20, and are available to download from the business section of the KS4 homework padlet for the remainder. There are practice questions at the end of each booklet.
The accompanying slides to work through are also uploaded to the homework padlet.

Most students will have their homework books. For those that don’t, a spare copy has been uploaded to the KS4 padlet. Students can work through the remaining tasks, finishing the last couple once they have completed the booklets.

By the end of the topic booklets and homework tasks, the students shall have completed the last part of Theme 1 - we can start on Theme 2 on our return. 

A copy of a textbook has been uploaded to the Business section of the KS4 Homework padlet. This is downloadable.

A copy of a revision workbook has been uploaded to the Business section of the KS4 Homework padlet. Use it to work through anything from theme 1 - this is downloadable.

Additional resources are available at
BBC Bitesize
Bee Business Bee Videos:-

Dance: Create mind map revision cards or aids on each of the set studies: 
Emancipation of Expressionism
A Linha Curva

Complete Exam questions in Infra booklet 

Use Artspool online dance revision site to complete sections on the set studies above. Logins will be emailed to individual students

Film Studies: Watch as many examples of crime, science fiction, teen, action/adventure, musical, horror and comedy films as you can [choose the genres you like]. Focus on the similarities in characters, plot, style of filming (aesthetics) and how they engage an audience AND create a narrative (with tension). You are preparing for your own NEA production work.  Make detailed notes on each film- you can do this in a mind map, a list, a mood board with images, or any other appropriate way you prefer. You will need to make reference to these notes in your NEA. 

Media Studies: Students of Film Studies, and iMedia. You have been given 2 months of remote online access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Guidance on setting up your account is available on padlet for years 10 & 11 . If you are completing NEA, this should allow you to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and if you are interested in learning new digital skills, you have access to the full suite.  There are many online sites with tutorials and projects you can use, including the adobe website itself.

Any issues, please email me- I will need to know what password you set up for this account to be able to help -