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Y12 - Learning from Home

English: Work from Mrs Stone and Mrs Martindale is on Google Classroom. Contact us if you are unable/struggling to access, via:

Maths: Use your textbook to review chapters already studied this year. Use the exercises, end of chapter tests and self mark. Please can you also make summary pages for each of the topics covered with methods and key points.

If you are stuck and would like some support please email

Please also make use of our A level website for more resources and links:  

Science: Work has been set at the following places:

Biology (Mr Matthews)
Please see the relevant class folders that will be set up on the Google Drive (

Chemistry (Mr Smith)
Everything is on my Google Drive

Physics (Dr Rizzieri)
Focus on revising for AS paper 1 and paper 2 Use past paper questions from:
And our Google Classroom, code: utusk6v

History: Please see the work below:

The Cold War: Students should complete the podcast project which can be found at or search for it by going to the last lesson in Year 12.

Industrialisation and the People: Students should complete 3 mega mind maps on all social, economic and political change. They should try to add legislation and statistics wherever possible!

Geography: Work will be put on Google Classroom for Mrs Flanagan-Graham’s lessons. Please keep up to date and check your STFS student Google mail to see updates and feedback from me.
All tectonics work to complete is attached to the A Level Padlet with number PowerPoints to work through. Any issues then please email Mr Payne.

Useful websites: 
Physical geography - 
Human geography -
Edexcel website -
Revision website -
Revision website -

Religious Studies: All resources, lessons and PowerPoints are on Google Classroom  Joining Code: azq4fol (any issues, please email Mr Pike -

You have been set as an independent project for Religious Experience and then additional notes. This is on Google classroom and the set up document will be emailed to you. You will need access to your textbook.  A brief summary:

·         The starting point for the project is P88-102 of the A Level Textbook and you should use your notes to produce a presentation. You’ll be expected to demonstrate all of the skills from your ‘Oracy’ development work too… it should: 
·         Be @10 minutes’ long
·         Include an explanation of the understanding of views of  key scholars: William James ( PINT as the qualities of religious experience) and Walter Stace (who is frankly a little more odd, but we must look at him. They offer theories you should be able to relate clearly
·         Read and summarise the views of Swinburne and Freud who offer contesting opinions on whether or not to believe people who have religious experiences.
·         Include an account of three religious experiences – Corporeal (Bernadette of Soubrious), Imaginative (Pharaoh’s Dream Genesis 41)  & Intellectual (Teresa of Avila)
·        Link these to the views of James, Freud, Stace & Swinburne.
Evaluate each thinker carefully and give a clearly reasoned opinion on how effectively each thinker understands religious experience 

The document also has a second task asking you to review and build on your knowledge of the year, and finally it asks you to do some wider reading on topics - books are listed for this on the document on Google classroom. 

MFL: Please email you teacher for any additional work that has not already been set.

Art: Continue to develop work in line with your unit specifications. Look closely at your chosen specs and understand what your project is asking of you. Please ensure all work is annotated with Process, WWW, EBI and links to artists. If you need visual guidance please email either Miss J or Mrs C.  
We are able to check over annotations or/and if you attach a photograph of your work we can critique and email feedback. 

PE: Unit 1 Revision in preparation for their Exam - Use Everlearner. Unit 2 Coaching plan for next session to be up to date.

Business Studies: Students have already been emailed the work. Some key work includes:

- Finish working through these slides from where we got to in the last lesson you attended.
- You have your ‘PESTLE’ project work to do.
- Remember there is content on the padlet to use for revision , as well as Seneca and the Tutor2U site and videos.

AS students - Continue working through your substantial and epic revision pack you received last month, making sure you tackle some of the practice questions. If you need another copy of anything please let me know ASAP. You will still need to be prepared for your first exam on 15th May.

A Level students - ​Please also work through the AS revision pack - your year 12 mocks in June/July will be based on AS papers, and it is never too early.

Psychology: Continue going through all of the Attachment lessons on Google Classroom - make notes, do the activities, then create handwritten revision material.

Once complete start going through the Approaches lessons - make notes, do the activities, then create handwritten revision material.

Follow the emailed day by day timetable for when to do each lesson.

Law: Mrs Ell will email you resources as and when they are created. The next piece of work you will be sent is General Defences in Criminal Law (sent 17th March at 3.22pm to student email accounts) I will email you topic books plus practice questions; you can email me your answers and I will mark them and return, for you to improve. 

Deadline for mental capacity questions Wednesday 18th March. 
Deadline for general defences questions Wednesday 25th March.

In your own time continue to write up your evaluation mind-maps and ensure you are memorising your flashcards/mind-maps and flowcharts that you’ve got so far - this is definitely enough to keep you occupied. Once you have learnt a flashcard you should practice the questions on the front of your topic booklets. Once you have learnt a mind-map you should try to answer the questions on the front of your topic booklets. Once you have learnt a flowchart you should practice a question we have already completed, without notes - then compare and see how close you got to your perfect/marked answer.

Media Studies: I have uploaded your Coursework Briefs to Google Classroom

1- read all 4 carefully and choose 1
2-re-read this brief and highlight the key information:
Platforms required-must do 2 pieces on 2 platforms (task 1 +choice)
Target audience specified-demographics/psychographics etc
Industry specified (BBC, ITV, NETFLIX etc)
The required content for each task (eg- 5 original images, 3 pages etc)
Anything else you think is important to take note of

Create a portfolio of research into similar media products in preparation for your own work- how you construct this portfolio is up to you- it can be digital or physical but must be completed before you make any start on actual production work!

Start by finding 5 examples of the products you want to create (for example- find 5 different TV dramas that have similar target audience as the brief)
Watch these dramas and make notes on how they are similar (these are the conventions)
Consider how Media Language is used in the construction of each text (similar to the expectations for Component 1 Part A questions)

Students of Media Studies. You have been given 2 months of remote online access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Guidance on setting up your account is available on google classroom for year 12 & 13.  If you are completing NEA, this should allow you to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and if you are interested in learning new digital skills, you have access to the full suite.  There are many online sites with tutorials and projects you can use, including the adobe website itself.

Any issues, please email me- I will need to know what password you set up for this account to be able to help -